OSGrid has a newspaper – Woot!

Kudos to Alyvaral Aeghin on OSGrid for taking an idea and making something of it. There is now a newspaper on OSGrid and it is called “The Ruth”.


The first issue is 8 pages and is available here for viewing. There are also newstand vendors (no charge) on Teravus Plaza, Yang and others. It is absolutely terrific to see more of our community on OSGrid that has been evolving for over a year and a half as we move forward in both helping to develop OpenSim by testing the latest SVN builds each day and developing our community at the same time.


SpeedBuild on Sandbox Plaza


The second “SpeedBuild” contest was help on “Sandbox Plaza” today at 11:00AM PST (1900UTC) on OSGrid. The theme was “impossible things I would like to see fly”. Each week this SpeedBuild is occurring at the same time and place.

There were about a dozen participants including four builders creating a variety of, er, impossible things. Such as what appeared to be a stage attached to a steam-powered helicopter, a turbine powered, er, question mark, a dual-bladed watermelon helicopter and a flying tea service with horizontal stabilizers.

All objects are available to anyone after the hour is finished. This is a great chance to see, learn and teach some building techniques. While I was there, I had a chance to speak with a genie hovering nearby (in his oil lamp) and an advanced scripter with his sripting screen in mid-air in front of him. It is turning out to be very interesting to just watch what goes on each Sunday at 11:00AM PST/SLT (1900UTC) on “Sandbox Plaza”.

The sim performed well, no crashes, so the secondary goal of a small stress test while four builders were building was successful for OpenSim.

OSG Community College

Normally, I am the quiet, factual team member, but today I was invited to an organizational meeting on “Teravus Plaza” for the “OSG Community College”. This is something very near and dear to my heart. That is, the use of OSGrid and OpenSim to teach others building, scripting, C#, mysql, php and other interesting subjects. So please pardon me if I bubble over a bit.

One of the most important uses of OpenSim is to allows folks to learn and teach. In our grid, we have two goals and they are:

1. To test OpenSim SVN on a regular basis on a large number of regions with Windows, Linux and Mac computers and report back via Mantis, IRC and e-mail testing results to help develop OpenSIm.
2. To build a long-lasting and diverse community with exchange of ideas, knowledge, social interaction, objects, builds and scripts.

One of the most important parts of the second goal is a way for folks to have a somewhat structured way to learn. The things that seem interesting to such learning at this time are: Building, Scripting, C#, OpenSim Configuration, MySQL, MSSQL, PHP, just to name a few that I think about.

With a group willing to start down the path of making a formalized time and place for teaching and learning, we are beginning to realize and important part of the second goal. I take my hat off to BlueWall Slade, Robert Omeganu, Garland Greene, Starky Rubble, Teravus, Tommi Laukkanen, Flash Lefevre, Praxis Thinker and Programmer Mohr for attending and inviting me to this wonderful meeting.

I hope this will grow into a campus on OSGrid and perhaps a plaza to support learning and teaching.

The next meeting will be on February 6th at 2100UTC, again on Teravus Plaza and will be 15 minutes of organizational discussion followed by a class on basic building.

Lets do it!!

Charles Krinke
OpenSim Core Developer
Director of OSGrid