SpeedBuild on Sandbox Plaza


The second “SpeedBuild” contest was help on “Sandbox Plaza” today at 11:00AM PST (1900UTC) on OSGrid. The theme was “impossible things I would like to see fly”. Each week this SpeedBuild is occurring at the same time and place.

There were about a dozen participants including four builders creating a variety of, er, impossible things. Such as what appeared to be a stage attached to a steam-powered helicopter, a turbine powered, er, question mark, a dual-bladed watermelon helicopter and a flying tea service with horizontal stabilizers.

All objects are available to anyone after the hour is finished. This is a great chance to see, learn and teach some building techniques. While I was there, I had a chance to speak with a genie hovering nearby (in his oil lamp) and an advanced scripter with his sripting screen in mid-air in front of him. It is turning out to be very interesting to just watch what goes on each Sunday at 11:00AM PST/SLT (1900UTC) on “Sandbox Plaza”.

The sim performed well, no crashes, so the secondary goal of a small stress test while four builders were building was successful for OpenSim.


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