OSG Metaversity (second class meeting)

The second class for C# programming was help on OSGrid today at Teravus Plaza at 2100UTC. Ten people were there *and* use was made of Justin’s “Graffiti Board”, a white board script he kindly placed in the OpenSim library for all to use.

Most students were there an hour before the class started to discuss programming, *and* I heard some even asking about additional homework on the #osgrid-college IRC channel on FreeNode earlier. The enthusiasm is joyful, to say the least.


I hope that we can strive to use “Teravus Plaza” for various meetings around this time of the day everyday, both classes, question answer hours and other learning and sharing activities as the community using OpenSim continues to grow.

Since we are concentrating on using the SecondLife Official client, currently 1.21.6 and the Hippo also, this is a good time and place for us to get reliability and stress data for the use of a major plaza to help the OpenSim development along.

Charles Krinke
OpenSim Core Developer
Director of OSGrid


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