OSG Metaversity

The OSG College idea has now morphed into the “OSG Metaversity” on OSGrid.

Today, I attended the first meeting of a new C# programming class on “Teravus Plaza” in the small ampitheater. Normally, I am one of the most conservative members of OpenSim, but to see a teacher, SnowDrop Short gather 12 students together, form teams of three, exchange e-mails, assign a little independent study is so exhilarating that I needed to describe it tonight.

This class, partly organized by BlueWall Slade and others represents the instantiation of a dream I have had for two years now. That is, the use of OpenSim to teach others in a virtual environment useful lessons to help them grow and understand.

The class will be meeting regularly each Tuesday at 2000UTC, right after “Office Hour” on Wright Plaza. There is room for more students next week and I see C# as an extremely interesting skill to acquire. After all, we support C# scripts in OpenSim as well as LSL scripts. I see this as useful to those that might wish to create region modules also.

In fact, the admins in OSGrid discussed this after the course and we feel that we would like to dedicate the suffix “Campus” to any educational group or institute that would like to support learning on OSGrid.

This is an exciting thing to see happen, and it has the side benefit of demonstrating and perhaps stressing the sim with students on a regular basis as we work to increase the number of simultaneous avatars in a region.

Charles Krinke
OpenSim Core Developer
Director of OSGrid


4 Responses to “OSG Metaversity”

  1. Kyle G Says:

    Great work Charles we will let our http://www.sldnug.net users know of this great new course!

  2. Starky Rubble Says:

    There is also a Thursday 2100UTC class for beginner programmers who want to learn C# – or for those like me who have much old procedural code skills but no modern languages.

    It is also taught by Snowdrop.

  3. xyzzy xyzzy… » OSgrid metaversity! Says:

    […] krinke, stellar director of osgrid, blogged about the first OSgrid metaversity C# classes that took place on teravus plaza […]

  4. Felipe Siola Says:


    My name is Felipe Siola and Im from Brazil.
    I study at Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC – http://www.ufabc.edu.br) and right now we are developing studies around OpenSim and education in virtual worlds.
    We are working on building the university campus in our own OpenSim grid, and trying to create some new stuff to encourage teachers to use it.
    Its great to get news like this and see that we are not the only people interested in that area.


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