OpenSim 2nd Birthday (OS2B), OSGrid & Passion

Looking back on the last two years, we have come from nowhere to a reasonably functioning set of sim software. There are over 8000 commits to OpenSim from hundreds of programmers. We are currently at 0.6.2, which means about 62% feature complete for an average users expectations of a SL compatible sim in these two years. It is possible to get to 1.0.0 in 2009 and whether we do or not will be determined by the community this year.

Along the way, various grids and standalones have been created using OpenSim or derivative works of OpenSim. To the point where it looks like there are 1000’s of regions and tens of thousands of users using OpenSim at this point. There are folks building out our part of the Metaverse in ways not imagined before. The evolution of OpenSim has been and will continue to be based on the passion of the community which exists in IRC on FreeNode on the #opensim and #opensim-dev channels and on the opensim-users and opensim-dev mailing lists. Additionally a significant part of the community participates in OSGrid on the #osgrid channel and in-world on the grid.

As we move forward, the trick will be to balance adding features and keeping stability. Features can and do introduce bugs, but by testing OpenSim in real deployments and using it every day, we can diagnose and fix those bugs quickly.

And that gets me to OSGrid, which is one of the key ways we deploy, test and feedback to the developers of OpenSim on a daily basis. There are other, younger grids, but one of the things OSGrid strives to do is encourage all the region owners to update every day and feedback observations via our OpenSim Mantis system to help the developers move forward. And this works amazingly well.

Additionally, OSGrid is a community developed grid with some 1800 regions. All but six of which are owned by individuals, companies and universities. The six exceptions are the plazas, which along with the UGAIM constitutes all that is owned by OSGrid. So, this is a community effort and as such, the community determines where we go with features, bugs, and all the rest.

There are folks currently leasing parcels and even regions on OSGrid. I look at that and think this blossoming community is a wonderful thing. There are folks using AWG/OGP on OSGrid. There are a number of HyperGrid nodes including some gateways in different part of the grid from UCI. Other grids have put regions to advertise their projects and visions on OSGrid, along with companies and universities.

So, this OpenSim Metaverse, which includes a free and open grid is something unique and blossoming and a source of pleasure for many and I am honored to have a place in helping OpenSim and OSGrid move forward in 2009.

Charles Krinke
OpenSim Core Developer
Director of OSGrid

One Response to “OpenSim 2nd Birthday (OS2B), OSGrid & Passion”

  1. Kyle G Says:

    ReactionGrid is planning on joining in the celebration and is proud to be running alongside our partner grids that we believe in such as the mighty OSG! Thanks Charles for you and your teams leadership and dedication to OpenSim & the community. We highly respect your efforts.
    Kyle G

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