OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday Nov 8th, 2008

We released OpenSim version 0.6.0 yesterday. It is SVN r7176. A Zip and binary are on the OSGrid web site amongst other places at Click Instructions->Downloads to get to the download, or download from from svn as usual.

We have now gotten to where we have about 60% of the features an average user would expect and the pace is still continuing at high speed. In addition, the forge ( has spawned 30 related projects including a search project that implements the beginnings of in-world search for grids.

We still need to implement the last 40 or so LSL functions and are now down to some vehicle physics issues that need attention.

OSGrid has finished the week with 6700 users, 750 regions and 1700 logins/day.

Charles Krinke, Irvine CA, Core Developer and Director of OSGrid


OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday Nov 1st, 2008

Over the last two weeks, I have run a longer term test on Yang, Celt, Io, Europa, Phobos & Deimos on First with version r6917 for one week and then with version r6976 for one week. In both cases, the six regions had a total of 4 crashes each week. The four crashes were spread across different regions and appear to be unhandled exceptions. There is a reasonable, but slightly lower amount of traffic on these regions compared to Wright Plaza which is right next door. In fact, all logins to Wright Plaza also manifest themselves as child agent logins to Yang, so Yang does have significant activity.

Some search is now functional, thanks to Fly-Man, Homer Horwitz and Melanie. Additionally, Diva has implemented a “HyperGrid” notion that allows teleporting between OSGrid, UCIGrid and back. UCIGrid is the grid at University California, Irvine.

We have 45 LSL functions left to implment and they can all be found by searching the source for the string “NotImplemented” in the file LSL_Api.cs. Patches are greatly appreciated.

OSGrid has had a significant number of new users in the last week or so. We finished the week with 6000 users, 600 regions and about 1250 logins/day. It was necessary to increase the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the mysql process on the server from 10 to 1000, but the server appears to be handling this load well.

Charles Krinke, Irvine CA, Core Developer and Director of OSGrid