OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday 5th April 2008

This week in OpenSim…

  • Teravus fixed a bug which caused problems with region interoperability between Windows and Linux servers. Hurrah for platform neutrality!
  • Adam made more changes to terrain commands.
  • I made a change where the “Take Copy” option in the pie menu really does take a copy of the object rather than the object itself.
  • I made a change so that prims copied using the shift copy method now properly retain their script contents.
  • Teravus updated our embedded OpenDynamicsEngine library. This may have an impact on physics stability when using this engine.
  • sdague reorganized the database namespaces to be OpenSim.Data.* rather than OpenSim.Framework.Data.*. If you’re having trouble running OpenSim, try changing all your references in OpenSim.ini and all the bin/*.xml configuration files (if you are running a grid) to point to the new namespace.
  • I made a change so that the scripts contained in all linked prims can now be properly edited using the ‘Edit linked parts’ option.
  • We had a small hiccup with inventory as the underlying mechanism has changed to CAPS in the latest Linden client. But with lots of preparatory work by MW, Teravus and a very small fix by myself, inventory appears to be working again in the latest client! However, we do still appear to have all the inventory bugs which existed before the client 🙂
  • Teravus changed the default packet output queue throttle settings. This should help any problems people have been seeing with prims which appear to be missing when they login (but can still be bumped into!). It should also help with land block problems.

2 Responses to “OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday 5th April 2008”

  1. Olish Newman Says:

    8) You totally own ! Thanks again for this lovely stuff !!! Viva OpenSim !

  2. Sun Says:

    Yes good news. Thanks Justin

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