OpenSim Docs, OpenSim Nightly Builds

This is just a quick post to let everyone know we’ve added two new resources to the website. The first, we’ve added Doxygen programming docs covering the entire OpenSim codebase – these will be refreshed periodically with every major release that we do. You can find the docs at

The second major thing we’ve done lately is introduce a Continuous Integration (CI) server which produces regular builds and monitors for build failures. Right now it is configured to produce a new build after every commit – the result of which will be copied to our new builds repository at

Enjoy – and thanks to everyone involved who helped get this setup!



SVN Module – or, DIY Rollbacks and Backups.

So, earlier this week I committed a prototype of something I have been musing on for DeepThink internally into the OpenSim SVN. It’s a shared region module which acts sort of as a non-realtime datastore. The purpose of which is to allow you to store (and load) region backups to a SVN server.

The SVNModule will use the also-new ‘export’ module, to serialise your region to a collection of XML and binary files that make up your region (XML for anything human editable, ie – object data. Binary for non-human editable components such as terrain data)

It’s worth noting you can use “load-xml2” on the objects.xml file, and “terrain load heightmap.32” to import those parts back into the region from outside the SVN server.

Before I continue, I should point out that this is a very untested module – I have only confirmed it works under Windows 32bit, and has not gone under any sort of sufficient testing for large scale use, yet. Proceed at your own risk.

To setup the module, copy the [SVN] section from OpenSim.ini.example to your OpenSim.ini – make sure ‘enabled = true’ is set, and the other details are in there. At the moment it will only work with svn:// and http[s]:// repositories. I am working on SSL/SSH wrapped repositories at the moment, but it is more difficult to implement, so may take some time. You can use any SVN URL (it doesnt have to be the root of a SVN repository). I recommend that you use one subdirectory per server unless you have a high speed link between all your servers — this is because if all servers share a directory, checkout times will include updates from every directory (something on my agenda to implement a workaround).

Start your sim up, and check to make sure you get [SVNBACKUP]: messages on your console, as long as no errors are thrown (of type SvnException) you should be good. If you see an error – there is help text buried in the exception.

Presuming all has gone well, there are several console commands worth reviewing:

svn save – saves a current copy of all your regions to SVN.
svn load – loads SVN head and imports it to your region.
svn load <revision> – loads a specified revision
svn load-region <name> – loads a specified region at head revision
svn load-region <name> <revision> – loads a specified region from a specified SVN revision.

Automatic backups (periodic saves) and several other features are on the cards, but have not yet been implemented. Ideally I would like to convert this to a datastore-style adapter that imports changes live (so you can rollback individual changes), but that may be unwieldy. Some thought is required on the matter.


OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday 12th April 2008

Hello there. For the past couple of weeks I’ve posted a weekly OpenSim development summary to this group blog. However, I’ve realized that I’m a shameless traffic whore (and it does take a surprising amount of time to write the post!), so today’s summary and future editions will be posted to my own blog here. Corrections and comments are still welcome.

OpenSim Weekly News – week ending Saturday 5th April 2008

This week in OpenSim…

  • Teravus fixed a bug which caused problems with region interoperability between Windows and Linux servers. Hurrah for platform neutrality!
  • Adam made more changes to terrain commands.
  • I made a change where the “Take Copy” option in the pie menu really does take a copy of the object rather than the object itself.
  • I made a change so that prims copied using the shift copy method now properly retain their script contents.
  • Teravus updated our embedded OpenDynamicsEngine library. This may have an impact on physics stability when using this engine.
  • sdague reorganized the database namespaces to be OpenSim.Data.* rather than OpenSim.Framework.Data.*. If you’re having trouble running OpenSim, try changing all your references in OpenSim.ini and all the bin/*.xml configuration files (if you are running a grid) to point to the new namespace.
  • I made a change so that the scripts contained in all linked prims can now be properly edited using the ‘Edit linked parts’ option.
  • We had a small hiccup with inventory as the underlying mechanism has changed to CAPS in the latest Linden client. But with lots of preparatory work by MW, Teravus and a very small fix by myself, inventory appears to be working again in the latest client! However, we do still appear to have all the inventory bugs which existed before the client 🙂
  • Teravus changed the default packet output queue throttle settings. This should help any problems people have been seeing with prims which appear to be missing when they login (but can still be bumped into!). It should also help with land block problems.