Hello World, New Features and Introducing RealXtend

Hello World

I think by the time I write this I should be the first post on here (assuming no-one else posts something first), in which case – welcome. The goal of this little page is to comment on what we are working on, random technical bits and pieces and other musings from the OpenSimulator developers. This should all be synchronised up on the planet.opensim.us page as well which has a few other blogs included in it as well. If there’s any opensim developers who dont want to setup an individual blog but want to post musings, bug me and I’ll add you to the accounts for this page.

New Features, and Introducing RealXtendRealXtend Viewer with Meshes

One of the more suprising developments of this year was the sudden presence of a group called ‘RealXtend’ – we were all fairly taken aback by the amount of development work they have done and are contributing to the OpenSim project, among their achievements is a new client viewer, based on the open source Second Life viewer that adds a few hotly requested features, such as mesh primitives. It’s going to take us a little while to integrate their new features into our codebase properly, but you will be able to download the sources for their modifications from a branch in our SVN repository over the next few days.

You can see a demo of their improvements and download some precompiled versions of their software off their site at RealXtend.org. On the serverside, RealXtend have implemented some nifty features such as Python scripting support (via IronPython), a new server called the ‘Avatar Server’ which allows you to transport your avatars appearance from one seperate OpenSim to a completely different one without any shared grid infrastructure. Hopefully we can get this combined in with some of the new Inter-sim teleport code Dalien has been hacking together for a truly independent grid system.

I wont put a date on how long it takes us to merge their codebase into OpenSim in a clean manner, because it may take some time – but hopefully we can get it done soon.

First post out!